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I'm Chevy Chase… and you're not.

" Baby, just make sure you’re doing the drugs and the drugs aren’t doing you "

- 30 year old woman I did cocaine with over the summer (via satan-clit)

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I see how it is. Rihanna can wear a shiny, completely transparent dress in public and everyone loves it, but when I did it, I was “wasting saran wrap” and “ruining Easter, Daniel.”

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Reyna being a demigod icon

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the single greatest moment of the series

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Famous Viners?


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never let your printer know that you waited until the last minute to print something and you’re in a hurry. they can sense fear

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Actual footage of Nico Di Angelo at Camp Half-Blood

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this is the best thing i’ve ever made 


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I was wondering if you had any thoughts on this (that popped up on a review of the BoO tour that Rick linked on Twitter): "In addition, Percy’s fatal flaw of sacrificing the world to save a friend would hinder the grand finale."

Asked by Anonymous


In case anyone’s wondering, here’s the review the anon is talking about:

4) Percy Takes The Backseat: The Blood of Olympus has no Percy or Annabeth point of view chapters. Readers tend to focus in on them and ignore the rest of the demigod team. In addition, Percy’s fatal flaw of sacrificing the world to save a friend would hinder the grand finale. The Blood of Olympus shifts the focus away from Percy and gives Jason, Leo, Piper, Nico and Reyna point of view chapters. 

To be honest, this entire section shows some bad planning on RR’s part and explains a lot about why certain plotlines were handled messily. Why make a big fucking deal about Percy’s fatal flaw coming back to haunt him in all the books leading up to Blood of Olympus, and then decide at the end that following through on that threat will slow things down? Why make three of the five books largely focus around Percy and Annabeth’s stories, and then decide they need to take the backseat in the last book in the series? Again, he didn’t have to include them in the POV roster, but there were ways he could’ve shown Percy struggling with the decision to let Jason, Piper, and Leo fight Gaea without him (like actually developing Percy and Leo’s friendship outside of, “We both have a stupid sense of humor and liked the same girl!”) to make that decision actually have weight and purpose. 

And I don’t know why he’s so surprised that fans focused on Percy and Annabeth so much to the detriment of the other characters. YOU END THE THIRD BOOK IN THE SERIES ON A LITERAL CLIFFHANGER OVER HELL WITH THE FAVORITES OF THE FIRST SERIES, OF COURSE THE FANS ARE GOING TO FOCUS ON THAT FOR LIKE THE NEXT YEAR. 

As much as I loved what we got with the two of them in this series, he could’ve made them secondary characters in the seven (like, lbr, Frank) or not included them as major characters in this series at all. As we saw in BoO, Nico and Reyna could’ve filled in their spots easily. I’ve been saying since The Lost Hero that if he’d wanted people to see Heroes of Olympus as a non-Percy Jackson series, he wouldn’t have made Percy a main character again. 




Im pretty sure I walk past a lot more cops than that


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why is there a huge jug of oregano??? who the fuck puts oregano in brownies?????

i have been informed that it is not oregano but is in fact marijuana

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Further Thoughts on a Middle Aged Man’s Ingestion of Popular Culture


So I’ve been seeing a lot of tumblr posts involving anacondas and puns and various wants lately.

And I figured that Sir Mix a Lot’s “Baby Got Back” had experienced some kind of 21st century renaissance among all of tumblr.

But then it turns out I guess that Nicki Minaj is involved? 

Basically, I learn about new popular music via punny GIFs.



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Can u believe there are plants that are illegal

Can you believe there is love that is illegal

can you believe it’s not butter

the fact that Tumblr can fit weed, bestiality and diary products all into one post doesn’t even phase me anymore

i really dont think they meant bestiality

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